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Shuttle Transport for trampers in Nelson Lakes National Park


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Trip Reports : Nelson Lakes Experience

Updated 1st February 2011
By Jenny Carden
6th November 2007

As a group of Hamilton trampers we had a meeting to discuss our annual Feb foray into the wilderness of the South Island. There were a few destinations thrown into the ring but somehow we decided to head for Nelson Lakes National Park.

We got in touch with the Yellow House St Arnaud ( the name is known to many!!) and also the St Arnaud Doc office who were very helpful with brochures and maps. We needed transport from Nelson to St Arnaud and Peter from Nelson Lakes Shuttle was suggested, we were pleased with what he had to offer. In the areas of transport and organization he was number one. As an avid tramper himself Peter was invaluable, he purchased our gas canisters, advised (or confirmed) our routes, arranged food drop, and either he or wife Trish were available for pick-ups whenever required.

We started off across lake Rotoiti by boat (arranged by Yellow House), up to John Tait Hut for 1st night, 2nd day saw us lunch at Cupola Hut then to Upper Travers just ahead of a thunderstorm. Next day up and over Travers Saddle to overnight at West Sabine Hut (quite a challenge). Day 4 on to Blue Lake crossing the ice and stone avalanche with care, a quick peek at Lake Constance, well worth the walk. Day 5 back down to West Sabine to collect the food etc we had left the day before and stay overnight. Next day down the valley to sand fly infested Sabine Hut on the shores of Lake Rotoroa .We found the public radio telephone at this hut very useful to change our plans, and organize our boat trip across Lake Rotoroa, with a pickup by Nelson Lakes Shuttle to take us back to the Yellow House. Next morning a much cleaner and refreshed group had an early start up Roberts Ridge the day was perfect the view to die for, and Lake Angelus was up to expectation. The next day we went up Mt Angelus as far as Sunset Saddle (great views) and after the 2nd night in the hut tramped down Cascade track to Cold Water Hut, then back across Lake Rotoiti to St Arnaud. Day walks occupied the next 2 days; the walk around the lake was worthwhile. As far as we are concerned all arrangements and tramps were perfect.

Peter transported us on the next leg of our journey to Picton . We are already discussing our next adventure and Peter has offered to help with the planning and competitive transport pricing.

Thanks Peter
Tramping party members -
Alison Williams, Marg Clayton, Ian McMillan, John Hall, Dave & Jenny Carden.