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Shuttle transport for hikers, trekkers and trampers in Nelson Lakes National Park and the Top of the South, New Zealand

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Shuttle Transport for trampers in Nelson Lakes National Park


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Tramps : Te Araroa Trail

Updated 1st September 2010

Nelson Lakes Shuttles supports the Te Araroa Trail. and we think Geoff Chappels "Te Araroa Trail" has a lot of merit. We wish to encourage others to walk and support this trail. Nelson Lakes Shuttles will endeavour to help where we can with information and transport. We have tramped the Nelson region extensively over the past 25 years and are very happy to give out free information to help plan your trip through the Nelson area. Please contact us at We can also arrange gear storage and food dumps for you where possible.

We would like to offer a free invitation to have your Te Araroa Trail trip reports listed on this Web Site.The idea is to inspire others to follow your journey and even better your footsteps. Send your trip reports to

Trail Reports

These are a few selected photos of Eric Martinot's Journey through the Nelson Lakes National Park. Eric is walking the length of New Zealand via the Te Araroa Trail. You can see more of his photos and read his journal by visiting

Blue Lake (Eric Martinot Photo)

Lake Constance (Eric Martinot Photo)

Lake Constance From Waiau Pass (Eric Martinot)

Waiau Pass (Eric Martinot)

Waiau Forks Camp (Eric Martinot )