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Trip Reports : West Sabine River Crossing

Updated 17th December 2011
Photos by Anthony Kitchener & Simin

The West Sabine Bridge is down. Don't listen to the rumours or incorrect advice that The Travers Sabine Track is closed. The Travers Sabine Track Is Open. The West Sabine River can be crossed in normal flows. If it rains hard the river will come up fast and go down just as quick when it stops raining. If you have good back country skills This track can be done by most people. River crossings should be done with others or with caution.There will be others in the West Sabine Hut. Who with the good Kiwi back country spirit. Will be very happy to help you across or give good judgement of crossing. If you are out of your comfort zone. Back off until others arrive to help you. We used to cross rivers long before bridges. Plenty of our passengers are getting across the Sabine River with little or no trouble. Part of the bridge is still standing and will get you to a island in the middle of the river. From the island there's a large tree across the last part of the river to get you to the far bank.

The photos below were taken December 2011. The river is up slightly by snow melt. Other trampers have been crossing the river on foot. You just need to remember the 3 c's Caution, Caution Caution. and of course work as a team.

Simin crossing part of the bridge from the True Right to the Island (West Sabine Hut side)

Anthony crossing the log from the Island to the True Left (Track to Blue Lake or Sabine Hut)